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Contact Name Urko Marigorta
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City / Town Bilbao
Country Spain
About The main research interest of the Marigorta lab revolves around the genetic basis of disease in humans. We identify emerging questions about complex disease etiology, and tackle them using an integrative approach at the interface of statistical, quantitative and evolutionary genomics. Through collaboration with doctors working in the clinic, we analyze data from ‚omics profiling of patient cohorts to illuminate our understanding of disease pathogenesis and, eventually, gear this knowledge towards translational advances. The long-term goal of this research lies in achieving precision medicine: being able to use individual profiles to personalize health treatment, ensuring that the right medications are used for the right patients, and tailoring medical care to patient needs.

At present, our work focuses on combining statistical genomics and medical transcriptomics (gene expression) to improve our ability to estimate risk of disease and predict phenotypes. More details at

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