About Bio-Job.org
Bio-Job.org, launched in February of 2009, is a premium site for posting jobs and positions in the fields of science, biotech and pharmaceuticals by employers such as companies, universities, governments, research institutions/organizations.
Why was this site created: It's never been an easy job to recruit qualified people for employers or PIs who run a lab--Not only have you to pay a fee for job listing that could be as high as hundreds of dollars, you have to go through all the hassle of setting up an account, dealing with your account manager and making the payment. In an era when science is free, genome data is free, publications are free, and why is job posting not free?  With this belief in mind, we created this site to allow free job posting for academia.

This site had offered free posting for the past 10 years. Since March 2020, we changed our policy to charge a fee for posting jobs by any type of employers. It remains free for job seekers to register accounts and posting resumes.
What types of jobs can be posted here: Jobs in any scientific discipline and biotech jobs can be posted.