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Postdoctoral fellowship

Posted by: UNIFESP

Posted date: Jul-12-2017

Location: Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil


 A Pos-doc fellowship is available in the Departamento de Bioquímica
da Escola Paulista de Medicina, UNIFESP.
The candidate will work in the
project entitle "Inhibitors and proteases of ectoparasites: relationship of
structure-function and identification of these molecule role’s in the
interaction of diseases vector and its etiological agents" (FAPESP Proc. no.
2012/03657-8). The aim of this project is to understand the physiological role
of protease inhibitors, proteolytic enzymes and hypothetic proteins previously
identified by our group, in the interaction of disease vector and its
etiological agent. The animal models in the present project are: Triatoma
one of the main Chagas disease vector, the mosquito Aedes aegypti,
vetor of Dengue and the tick species Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus,
parasite of cattle. The knowledge about the biological function of molecules produced by these vectors in response of etiological agent infection may help in the rational design for new drugs and pesticides.  In order to learn more about the physiological role of two molecules identified in our lab, a putative cysteine protease inhibitor of A. aegypti mosquito, which the gene expression is modulated in mosquitoes infected with Dengue virus 2, and a protein similar to an antimicrobial molecule, the BmSEI (Boophilus microplus Saliva Elastase inhibitor), identified in the tick saliva. Recently the BmSEI gene expression was identified in midgut, ovary, salivary gland and fat body. Thus, in the present post-doctoral project we are going to study these proteins functions using cell cultures from R. microplus (BME26) and A. aegypti (Aag2) and gene silencing. The cell cultures were already established in our lab, localized in the Departamento de Bioquímica da Escola Paulista de Medicina – UNIFESP in collaboration with Dr. Sirlei Daffre and Dr. Margareth L. Capurro of Departamento de Imunologia - ICB - USP and Dr. Ana Bahia of Instituto de Biofisica –UFRJ. The present postdoctoral project aims are functional studies of BmSEI and a putative cystatin using cell cultures, RNA interference, and proteomics.

The candidates must have a Ph.D. in, science, biotechnology, chemistry or a related field. Applicants must have experience in cell biology, molecular biology, proteomics, and basic knowledge in bioinformatics and structural biology. They also need to be able to perform experiments using techniques such as cell culture, cell sorting, microscopy techniques', RNAi, quantitative PCR, DNA cloning, western blot and protein characterization.  The candidate must have excellent communication skills and be able to draft reports of your research.

 Period: October 2017 to September 2018.

Fellowship: R$ 6.819,30 per month (plus 15% of annual value for project supplies and academic activities). 

More information about the fellowship: http://www.fapesp.br/bolsas/pd

 Interested individuals should send a (i) cover letter, (II) CV and list of publications, and have (III) two letters of recommendation for Dr. Aparecida S. Tanaka, email: tanaka.bioq(at)epm.br .

Job Title Postdoctoral fellowship
Post Details
Email aparecidasadae(at)gmail.com
Employer's Website http://
Job Discipline Job Discipline -> Molecular Biology
Job Classification Job Classification -> Postdoctoral Researcher
Job Type Job Type -> Full-time
Location Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
Key Words posdoc, mosquito, tick, cell, proteomic
Start Date oct 01 2017
Salary R$ 6.819,30 per month
Deadline Aug-15-2017