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Postdoctoral position in Chemical Profiling at BII-Singapore

Posted by: Bioinformatics Institute

Posted date: Nov-30-2014

Location: Singapore

A Postdoctoral position is available from February 2015 in the ‚Cellular and Chemical Biology‚ group led by Dr. Prakash Arumugam at the Bioinformatics Institute, a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) Biomedical Sciences Institutes. Funded by Biomedical Research Council (BMRC) of A*STAR, BII was set up in July 2001 as part of the national initiative to foster and advance biomedical research and human capital for a vibrant knowledge-based Singapore. BII aims to be a premier international institute in Bioinformatics by fostering and conducting leading-edge informatics research and development, providing high quality training and generating knowledge from large diverse volumes of biology, chemistry and medical data. BII is located in the Biopolis, Singapore's premier hub for Biomedical Sciences which is dedicated to providing state of the art facilities for R&D activities and an environment that fosters collaborations between private and public research institutes.

We (Arumugam lab) utilize the model yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (budding yeast) to investigate fundamental mechanisms that regulate meiotic cell cycle and chromosome segregation. Meiosis is a specialized form of cell division which produces haploid gametes from diploid germ cells. Errors in meiotic cell cycle and chromosome segregation can result in the production of aneuploid gametes leading to congenital aneuploidy (e.g. Down syndrome), infertility and spontaneous abortions in humans. By elucidating functions of conserved proteins during meiosis in budding yeast, we will identify factors that could play analogous roles in humans. We have uncovered roles for a highly conserved protein phosphatase PP2ACdc55 in regulating exit from meiosis I (Kerr et al The JCB 2011) and entry into meiotic program (Sarkar et al. PLoS-Genetics 2014). We have also identified a domain in a highly conserved kinetochore protein Dsn1 that is indispensable for setting up the reductional mode of segregation during meiosis I (Sarkar, Shenoy et al. PloS-Genetics 2013).

BII has recently acquired a comprehensive Natural Product Library (NPL) consisting of 37,542 plant samples and 123,177 microbial strains collected from more than 100 different countries. This treasure trove contains about 2567 purified natural products and crucially about 18% (462) of these compounds are novel. We will apply established chemical profiling methods in yeast like HOP (Homozygous deletion Profiling) and HIP (Haplo-Insufficiency Profiling) to uncover mode of action of bioactive compounds in the NPL. This exciting avenue of research could lead to production of novel drugs, new tools to study protein function, discovery of gene function and mapping the genetic landscape.


We are seeking highly enthusiastic candidates with:
‚Ę PhD in Cell biology Biochemistry/ Genetics/ Molecular Biology, broadly defined.
‚Ę A proven publication record.
‚Ę Prior experience in working with yeast or/ and microarray hybridization will be a distinct advantage.

Applicants should submit a cover letter and a CV including names of three references. For informal enquiries please contact Dr Prakash Arumugam (prakasha(at)bii.a-star.edu.sg)
Job Title Postdoctoral position in Chemical Profiling at BII-Singapore
Post Details
Email prakasha(at)bii.a-star.edu.sg
Employer's Website www.bii.a-star.edu.sg
Job Discipline Job Discipline -> Drug Discovery
Job Classification Job Classification -> Postdoctoral Researcher
Job Type Job Type -> Full-time
Location Singapore
Key Words Chemical profiling
Start Date 01/02/2015
Deadline Dec-31-2014